Policy & Knowledge Exchange

2021 Cited in WHO Implementation Support Guidance, The role of community health workers in COVID-19 vaccination.

2021 Acknowledgement UK Parliament POST Rapid Response, Covid-19 vaccine coverage and targeted interventions to improve vaccination uptake.

2020 Submission of evidence on the implications of the COVID-19 crisis for social and statutory connections with ‘isolated’ groups. APPG on Social Integration. Acknowledged in 2020 Report ‘Social Connection in the COVID-19 Crisis

2020 Submission of evidence on the disproportionate impact of COVID-19, and the UK government response, on ethnic minorities in the UK. Women & Equalities Commission, UK Government

2019 Submission of evidence on vaccine uptake and confidence. APPG on Vaccinations for All. Acknowledged in 2021 Report ‘Improving Vaccine Uptake

2019 Submission of evidence on access to contraception. APPG on Sexual and Reproductive Health

2018 Submission of evidence on the teaching of relationships and sex education in faith schools in England. UK Department of Education

2018 Irish voters repealed the Eighth: Now it’s time to ensure access to abortion care in law and in practice. Reproductive Health Matters, Commentary

2018 Sanitizing public health language: A response to the CDC language controversy (with M. Gregg and J. Kasstan). PLOS Public Health Perspectives, Commentary

2017 Submission of research evidence on prenatal sex selective abortion in India and the UK. APPG on Population, Development, and Reproductive Health (hearings on abortion in the UK and developing world). Acknowledged in 2018 Report ‘Who Decides? We Trust Women: Abortion in the Developing World & UK

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